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Check out 10 cool ideas for clown makeup to rock this Halloween!


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Clown Makeup

10 cool ideas for clown makeup to rock this Halloween!

Planning to go as a clown for Halloween but are still unsure about the makeup? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a list of 63 fantastic clown makeup ideas, including scary, famous, and cute clown looks. Whether you’re aiming to spook or charm, you’ll discover the ideal clown makeup inspiration right here.

1. When Clowns Discover Gold: Fabulously Glam Makeup Edition!

Here’s our first clown idea: a fancy design with gold on the mouth and nose, along with beautiful eye makeup. It’s a cute and easy Halloween look. All you need is the Makeup Forever Flash Palette, Urban Decay Naked Ultimate, Heat Palette, and a touch of Too Faced Black Liquid Liner.

When Clowns Discover Gold

2. Clownfusion Makeup:

The Half-and-Half Chuckle: One Side Regular, One Side Clown
Imagine this: your left side is all “just another Tuesday,” while your right side is unleashing the inner clown! Inspired by IT but feel free to pick any clown style you like. And those little creases? That’s just our way of saying, “Who says clowns don’t age gracefully?” Get ready to LOL on Halloween!

Clown fusion Makeup

3. Clown Crime Scene: The Gangsta Edition

Need more gore in your giggles? Check out this gangsta clown look with a neck wound—because nothing says “funny” like a fake boo-boo. You can copy this look or mix it up with your favorite clown style. And guess what? You’re the director here, so move those wounds and blood around for some extra clowns chaos. Get ready to LOL your way through Halloween!

Clown Crime Scene: The Gangsta Edition

4. Messy Mobster Clown Madness!

Want some extra spookiness in your clown game? Check out this gangsta clown look with a neck wound—because nothing says “funny scary” like a fake boo-boo bonus. You can copy this style or pick a different clown vibe. And guess what? Move those wounds and blood around for a bit of clown hide-and-seek. It’s like clowns playing dress-up but with a hilarious twist!

Messy Mobster Clown Madness!

5. Adorably Goofy Clown Face

Who says Halloween has to be all dark and gloomy? Why not rock a cute and colorful vibe like this? Even with the bright and happy colors, the clown manages to sneak in a bit of creepy charm. Take a cue from the pic, copy the look, or go wild with your own funky shades. It’s like creating a clown masterpiece, but with a side of goofiness!

Adorably Goofy Clown Face

6. Clown meets Skeleton Magic

Imagine this: a clown and a skeleton walk into a Halloween party—bam, instant hit! The artist here mixed the classic red clown makeup with some bone-tastic features. It’s like they’re saying, “Why settle for one spooky thing when you can have both?” Copy this fun look or play around with your own clown style and a sprinkle of skeleton sass. Get ready to turn heads and tickle funny bones at the same time!

Clown meets Skeleton Magic

7. Simple Horror Clown Look Inspired by IT. Make it attractive

Guess who’s back to haunt your Halloween dreams? IT! Inspired by its latest movie, this makeup idea brings horror with mesmerizing bright eyes and killer red makeup. It’s a simple yet striking look that’s guaranteed to steal the show at any Halloween celebration. Get ready to turn heads and give ’em the creeps!

Simple Horror Clown Look Inspired by IT. Make it attractive.

8. Sparkling Glam Clown Makeup

Get ready for a giggly makeover with this clown idea—it’s got a creepy-cool vibe with a dash of sparkle. The artist jazzed up the classic clown eyes and mouth with some fancy black glitter. You can copy the look or choose glitter in your favorite color because, hey, even clowns like a bit of bling! It’s time to sparkle and spread some laughter!

Sparkling Glam Clown Makeup

9. Creepy Clown Look

Here’s a creepy clown idea that’s a bit fancy too. Imagine black and gold makeup paired with spooky contacts. The mix of stylish black and gold, plus those Halloween lenses, adds a cool touch. You can copy this style or switch things up with different contacts. And hey, if gold isn’t your thing, go for silver or any color you like.

Creepy Clown Look

10. Shiny Circus Clown Makeup

Join the fun with this circus-inspired clown look! It’s got that classic clown style plus some sparkly glitter for extra pizzazz. No scares here—just pure clown magic! Feel free to use the picture as a guide or mix it up with your favorite colors. Get ready to shine and spread the laughter!

Shiny Circus Clown Makeup


Q: What’s the best way to create a funny clown makeup look for Halloween?

A: Start by choosing vibrant colors and add quirky elements like oversized features. Don’t forget to throw in a dash of glitter for that extra giggle factor!

Q: How can I make a creepy clown makeup design without going overboard?

A: Try incorporating dark colors like black and red. Add subtle spooky details, like creepy contacts or a touch of glitter, for a perfect balance of creepy and chic.

Q: Are there any clown makeup ideas that are easy for beginners?

A: Definitely! Start with basic clown features like colorful eyes and mouth. You can always experiment with glitter or different colors to add your own flair.

Q: Can I make my clown makeup funny and scary at the same time?

A: Absolutely! Embrace the power of contrasts. A goofy smile paired with spooky elements like dark eyes can create a hilariously scary combo.

Q: Any tips for making my clown makeup stand out at a party?

A: Go bold! Use bright colors, add accessories like wigs or hats, and don’t shy away from glitter. The more outrageous, the better!

Q: Can I combine different clown styles for a unique look?

A: Absolutely! Mix and match to your heart’s content. Clown fashion knows no bounds, so let your creativity run wild.

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